Japan Elevator Service Holdings Co., Ltd. (the Company) is the largest independent maintenance company and the only independent company listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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How we started

Founding History

Founder Katsushi Ishida once worked as technical personnel for an independent elevator maintenance company at a time when such companies were unable to procure genuine manufacturer parts.
Even after it became possible to purchase genuine parts, some independent elevator maintenance companies were reluctant to use them because of the financial difficulties of owning expensive genuine manufacturer's parts. In response, he established the Company in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, on October 3, 1994, with the strong desire to "use genuine parts and provide services comparable to those of manufacturer-affiliated maintenance companies, at a reasonable price!


Why Choose JES

Our Strengths

We continue to grow as our customers choose us because of our price competitiveness with major domestic manufacturers' maintenance companies, and because of our technical capabilities and social recognition that other independent maintenance companies do not have.

Our Strengths

What We Do

Our Business

The Company's business model consists of three pillars: maintenance, repair, and modernization. The "Parts Center," "Technical Support," and "Control Center," which support the three pillars, all work in tandem to create a positive spiral, enabling us to stand out from our competitors in terms of competitiveness and quality of service.

Our Business

Where We Work

Area of Activity

With a nationwide service network in Japan, the Company is expanding business opportunities not only in Japan but also in growing overseas markets.

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What we achieve

Growth Strategy

In order to achieve sustainable growth, the Company has developed and implemented the following strategies

Growth Strategy