In addition to strict conformance to all ordinance pertaining to the Personal Information Protection Law, Japan Elevator Service Holdings (hereinafter known as JES) has enacted regulations and established a management system for protecting the personal information entrusted to JES by customers and employees, etc., in the execution of its business affairs.

Our Privacy Policy with regard to the protection of personal information has been stipulated as laid out below, and in addition to ensuring that these details are fully disseminated to all executives and employees, JES will ensure the appropriate protection of personal information in alignment with these stipulations and constantly strive to enhance and improve them.

JES has produced a compliance manual based on the Personal Information Protection Law to ensure that the stipulations laid down in the Personal Information Protection Law are faithfully executed. The collection of personal information will be carried out appropriately and fairly, and all necessary details pertaining to how the personal information will be used will be displayed on the JES website and an option for the person concerned to agree with or reject this in advance provided.

All necessary details on how personal information that has been collected indirectly will be used will also be provided on the JES website. The personal information that JES collects with the agreement of the person concerned will only be used within the range of usage stated on the JES website by administrators granted the required authority in accordance with internal business regulations, and said information will only be used for necessary business purposes.

There are cases in which the personal information collected will be provided to companies affiliated with JES for the purpose of carrying out JES's business affairs within the range of usage as stated. In this event, the details that will be provided from the personal information will be listed in advance on the JES website.

In the event of personal information required for the execution of business being entrusted to JES subcontractors, all necessary contracts will be concluded with said subcontractors and all measures required to ensure conformance with other relevant laws and regulations will be established.

In addition to the thorough establishment of security measures to prevent illegal access, loss, damage, modifications and leaks of the personal information and other information held by JES, all necessary corrective measures will also be instated.

Personal information will not be used for any purposes other than those stated, or disclosed or provided to third parties without the prior approval of the persons concerned, unless special circumstances in which this is required by law, etc., are in effect.

Japan Elevator Service Holdings Co., Ltd.