Investor Relations

To Our Shareholders and Investors

Since our founding, we have aimed to become a service company that realizes a comfortable and environmentally friendly society through our maintenance and repair and modernization businesses of elevators, which are social infrastructure based on our management principles "Safety above Anything Else", "No cutting corners even when others don't see it", and "Building on Trust."
By developing and marketing the remote inspection service “PRIME” in 2007, we were able to offer services comparable to those of manufacturers at a competitive price for an independent maintenance company. In 2017, we went public, and with “credibility” and “capital strength” that other independent maintenance companies do not have, we built an R&D facility JES Innovation Center(JIC)with a control center, parts center, and other facilities in Wako, Saitama Prefecture, solidifying our position as the largest independent maintenance company in the industry.
From the fiscal year ending March 2021 to the fiscal year ending March 2022, we aggressively acquired independent maintenance companies mainly in western Japan, and we were successful in expanding our market. In May 2022, I personally took the initiative in formulating the medium-term management plan "VISION2027" in order to realize measures for further growth with a sense of speed. Over the next five years, we aim to increase the number of maintenance contracts and to achieve sales of 60 billion yen and an operating margin of 20%. We aim not only to expand our business, but also to coexist with the various stakeholders involved, and by balancing shareholder returns, contributions to society, and environmental initiatives, we aim to establish an organization that can grow sustainably over the long term and increase corporate value.
We would like to ask our shareholders and investors for their continued support and guidance.

Katsushi Ishida

President and Representative Director CEO
Japan Elevator Service Holdings Co., Ltd.