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Creating Value through Expansion, Technology, and Reliability

Established a global standard business model in the elevator maintenance market.

Within the 1,000,000 elevators and escalators installed in Japan, about 80% of them are managed by the maintenance parties of the manufacturers. The remaining about 20% are managed by so called "independent companies", which includes JES Group. Based on JES research, we estimate that this share will rise to 50% in the years ahead. Looking ahead, the JES Group will promote the growth of its business and its market, including its elevator modernization services, with the aim of becoming the most highly trusted corporate group in this field among its customers.

Market Share of Independent Elevator
Maintenance Companies Worldwide
Market Share of Independent Elevator
Maintenance Companies in Japan

JES Data

The competitiveness of the JES Group is strengthened by its insistence on safety and service quality as well as its technical capabilities and sustained by the strong conscientiousness of each and every one of its employees to maintain high safety standards and maintenance work in which genuine parts are used in principal applications.
Since its establishment, JES has achieved unparalleled rapid growth and steadily increased its market share among independent elevator maintenance companies.
Our objective is to expand our operations not only in Japan but also to tap business opportunities in overseas markets where growth is expected.



Number of Elevators under
Maintenance Contracts in Japan


(As of September 30, 2021)

Consolidated number of
Technical Personnel


(As of September 30, 2021)

Consolidated number of


(As of September 30, 2021)

Number of Domestic


(As of January 20, 2022)

Number of Overseas Subsidiaries,
Affiliates, and Other Closely
Associated Companies


(As of December 31, 2021)

JES Group Corporate Philosophy

Safety above anything else

What customers are looking for - Perhaps technology, cost or convincingness. But it is what "safety" brings everything. Our lives always rely on "safety".

No cutting corners

Usually customers do not see what we handle. Nonetheless, this forgotten part is actually the heart of elevators and escalators. We pay attention to every single and tiny part for operation safety. Stable operation is our only goal.

Trust and reliability

As an expert specialized in maintenance, with expertise from an independent party and its advantages, we establish mutual trust with many customers.

It is a reliable thing that mitigates burdens on leg muscles for elderly people. It is an essential means to reach a destination more quickly and energy-savingly for workers.
We have always watched safety for all people who use elevators/escalators and provided high quality maintenance service so that everybody can used them with security.
It is natural and will be our mission as long as they are social infrastructure that carries people.

Trends in Net Sales

The growth engines of the JES Group are its thoroughgoing emphasis on safety, advanced technology, and the trust of its customers. As of end of September 2021, the JES Group had contracts with customers covering about 74,500 elevators. Especially during the previous fiscal year, JES obtained new contracts covering a record total of about 12,600 elevators, thanks partially to friendly M&A of other independent companies in the same industry. With sustainable growth based on customer trust, we are working steadily to develop new markets as a leader among independent elevator maintenance companies. With customer trust as the base for sustainable growth, we are working steadily to develop new markets.

*The fiscal period ended March 31, 2014 was irregular and covered only six months.

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