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What is Quick Renewal?

Modernization service unique to the JES Group

This is a modernization service unique to the JES Group that achieves significant cost reduction and shortened work time by replacing only the control panel, which is the brain of the elevator.

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Low Cost & Speedy Modernizations

Elevators have a life span of about 20 years

The legal term for depreciation of an elevator stands at 17 years, while the average service life of the main equipment is 20 years. The Life Cycle Cost (LCC) evaluation index by the Building Maintenance and Preservation Association (BIMMA) sets the planned service life at 25 years. Even proper ongoing maintenance cannot prevent deterioration as time goes on. In addition, manufacturers may suspend parts supplies for some models, which will make it difficult to get replacements and carries a risk of prolonging repairs if trouble does occur. Elevator modernization, including of parts that are no longer supplied, enables safe, reliable, and comfortable use.

Differences from Conventional Modernization

The main concerns for any elevator modernization are the high costs of construction and the prolonged downtime. In a conventional modernization, the control panel, traction machine/hydraulic unit, and other incidental parts of the electric system, all need to be replaced at once, resulting in about a week of downtime and high costs. The JES Group developed “Quick Renewal”, a unique modernization service that replaces only the control panel, to address those concerns. Quick Renewal leaves parts that can still be used to minimize waste, resulting in an environmentally friendly modernization process.

  • * Valid for elevator models with parts supply suspended or about to be suspended.
  • * Some elevators may not be eligible for Quick Renewal. Please inquire for details.

Major cost reduction

Quick Renewal replaces only the control panel, including parts that are no longer supplied, reducing the cost to less than half that of standard modernization. The JES Group offers a variety of optional packages to make elevators safer and more comfortable at reduced cost. We offer a wide range of products to meet your needs, including safety equipment to add to basic construction, design elements for freer manipulation of impression, and accessibility support functions like car handrails and mirrors.

About half a day of work time to replace only the minimum necessary

The long downtime with conventional modernization work has significant impact on users, and is a common barrier keeping customers from choosing modernization despite early understanding of the necessity. Quick Renewal results in enormous downtime reduction, from about one week to one half-day. Since we can do this work at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we can meet customer needs to perform the replacement during times of low traffic.

  • * Work time can vary depending on elevator and building conditions.

How can we do this?

We here at the JES Group work every day to develop new ways to bring customers safety, security, and convenience. In 2017, the JES Group completed construction on its research and development center JES Innovation Center (JIC), complete with elevator test towers, and launched the Quick Renewal service to achieve fast, low cost modernizations. Then, in October 2020 the completion of the JES Innovation Center Lab (JIL) brought our total number of test elevators to 10, bringing our development speed that much faster.


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