Everything We Do Is for Customer Safety and Security.

Elevator maintenance services have been provided exclusively by manufacturers through their own and affiliated maintenance companies for their products. As an independent maintenance company, the Company has established a global standard business model in the elevator maintenance market in developed countries by providing high quality services at reasonable prices, taking advantage of our advanced technical capabilities and ability to procure genuine parts for all models of major Japanese manufacturers.

As the Company specializes in the maintenance, repair, and modernization of elevators, we believe that our important mission to build a comfortable and environmentally friendly society is to continue to provide high-quality services at reasonable prices as an independent maintenance specialist, while always placing the safety and security of our customers as our top priority in our business operations.

With our corporate philosophy of "Safety Above Anything Else," "No Cutting Corners," and " Building on Trust," we recognize that our immaterialities are " Safety in Service and Product," which represent our social capital, and "Occupational Safety and Employee Engagement," which represent our human capital. Based on this recognition, we have focused on the following initiatives since the establishment of the company.

The "Control Center" connects customers with on-site technical personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The "Parts Center" prepares for any eventuality, such as a breakdown. The "Technical Support Center" brings together a variety of know-how and provides training and education tailored to the needs of the times. All of these work in tandem to create a virtuous cycle that enables us to provide competitive edge and high quality services that set us apart from other independent maintenance companies.

In particular, with Technical Support, we thoroughly train our staff according to our exclusive safety standards in addition to the safety standards set by the elevator industry. From the perspective of not only social capital in the form of “Safety-Ensuring Quality” but also human capital in the form of “Staff Training,” Technical Support is the cornerstone of our employees who support our medium- to long-term growth.

The elevator maintenance and renewal market continues to expand year after year, both in Japan and in Asian countries. We are committed to implementing our business activities with our corporate philosophy as the first priority in order to achieve sustainable growth and to create value for all stakeholders.

Katsushi Ishida
President and Representative Director CEO,
Japan Elevator Service Holdings Co., Ltd.