Everything we do is for customer safety and security.

The elevator maintenance business was conducted previously by elevator manufacturers or members of their respective corporate groups that provide maintenance services on a monopoly basis for elevators they have manufactured. Japan Elevator Service Holdings Co., Ltd. (JES) is an independent elevator maintenance company that services the elevators of all domestic principal manufacturers. Our strengths include high-level technical capabilities and the ability to procure genuine manufacturer parts. We provide high-quality service at low prices. JES has established a global standards business model in the elevator maintenance markets of the industrialized countries.

Specializing in the maintenance, repairment, and modernization of elevators, etc., we always strive to operate our business by making customer safety and security our number one priority. As an independent elevator maintenance company, we believe that continuing to provide high-quality services at reasonable prices is an important mission to achieve a pleasant and environmentally-friendly society.

With our philosophy of “Safety above Anything Else,” “No Cutting Corners,” and “Trust and Reliability,” we recognize that our priority issues are social capital in the form of “Safety-Ensuring Quality and Product Safety” and human capital in the form of “Occupational Safety and Employee Engagement.” Based on this awareness, we have focused on the following initiatives since our establishment.

Control Center that connects our customers and on-site engineers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Parts Center to prepare for any situation such as a breakdown. Technical Support that consolidates various know-how to provide up-to-date training and education. By working in tandem to create a virtuous cycle, we are able to achieve market competitiveness that sets us apart from other independent maintenance companies as well as provide high-quality services.

In particular, with Technical Support, we thoroughly train our staff according to our exclusive safety standards in addition to the safety standards set by the elevator industry. From the perspective of not only social capital in the form of “Safety-Ensuring Quality” but also human capital in the form of “Staff Training,” Technical Support is the cornerstone of our employees who support our medium- to long-term growth.

The market for elevator maintenance and modernization is steadily expanding year by year in Japan and in other Asian countries, including China, India, and elsewhere. JES has won a reputation for its technical capabilities in the Japanese market and the quality of its services, and aims to attain dramatic growth by offering its services to the global market.

Japan Elevator Service Holdings Co., Ltd.
Representative Director CEO

Katsushi Ishida