Our Strengths

Largest Stock of Parts Among Independent Maintenance Companies at the Most Efficient and Lowest Cost

Quick Response and Preparedness. We Can Quickly Fix Any Malfunctions That May Occur

JES Group has established about 140 offices nationwide in addition to 8 parts centers to quickly respond to all types of equipment maintenance from various manufacturers. Parts technical personnel are also always on call, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of emergency problems such as breakdowns or outages, we have established a quick parts dispatch system that allows us to quickly restore service.

We Stock a Wide Variety of Genuine Parts; Whatever You Need, We Have It Here

The Parts Center efficiently stocks necessary parts based on data on wear and tear, failure rates, to ensure a stable supply. We replace all major parts with genuine parts, and perform repairs and modifications with the utmost emphasis on safety and security. We protect our customers' equipment with our extensive stock of parts, in which we have a thorough knowledge of the market.

Recycled Parts; We Can Smoothly Respond to Models That Are out of Parts Supply

JES also focuses on obtaining recycled parts, refurbished parts, and maintain them in the best condition at all times to respond if manufacturers stop supplying any given parts. We also supply an abundance of stock parts to third party companies. As a supporter of social infrastructure, we work as one with the industry to contribute to create a safe and secure environment.

What are JES Authorized Refurbishment Parts?

Refurbishment parts are parts that have been recovered at the time of parts replacement, repaired, and refurbished to be as good as new. Only parts that have passed our quality control tests are certified as "JES Authorized Refurbishment Parts".

Stable supply of parts

Stable supply of parts

Resolving product supply delays and enabling the stable supply of parts.

Improved environmental efficiency

Improved environmental efficiency

Using recycled parts contributes to greenhouse gas reductions.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Only parts that pass our quality standards tests are certified as refurbishment parts and covered under a warranty period.

Stable Supply of High-quality, Environmentally Friendly Parts

Refurbishment parts are assigned serial numbers and stored in a dedicated stock yard with optimally controlled temperature and humidity. Stocking a wide range of parts makes it possible to handle cases where parts have been discontinued by the manufacturer or where parts supplies from manufacturers are delayed due to global semiconductor shortages, enabling the stable supply of parts and shorter delivery times. Refurbishment projects using recycled parts contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, compared to the manufacturing process for new parts.

Steps to Authorization as Refurbishment Parts

Quality Assurance

Quality Warranty and Warranty Period

We inspect according to a detailed set of parameters, and only parts that pass our quality standard tests are used as JES-authorized refurbishment parts. After construction using JES-authorized refurbishment parts, we issue a certificate of quality assurance and provide a three-year warranty (*) period from the date of completion of construction.

* Some products are not eligible for a three-year warranty.

Quality warranty

(affixed to the control panel door, etc.)

Japan Elevator Parts Co., Ltd.

Japan Elevator Parts Co., Ltd.

Optimal part management in a precise stock environment.

Japan Elevator Parts (JEP), which supplies parts to the JES Group, meticulously maintains each part and stores it in a dedicated stockyard where the temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors are optimally controlled.
We always maintain the quality of the parts.