Why Choose JES Group?

We continue to grow as our customers choose us because of our competitive pricing with major domestic manufacturers' maintenance companies, and because of our technical capabilities and social recognition that other independent maintenance companies do not have.

Unbeatable Price Competitiveness

Reasons for cost competitiveness

In the elevator maintenance industry in Japan, it has been common practice for manufacturers to perform maintenance only on their own products at companies within their own group. As a result, competition among maintenance companies has been difficult. JES has created a breakthrough in this area.
JES has established a pricing structure unique to an independent, non-manufacturing company, and offers reasonable maintenance-focused prices while sustaining a level of service equal to a manufacturer.

Service Quality Equal to any Manufacturer-affiliated Maintenance Company

High-quality Maintenance Services Based on Our Extensive Maintenance Track Record

The JES Group uses its extensive maintenance track record to offer high quality service for elevators from domestic principal manufacturers at reasonable prices. Maintenance is done by multi-specialists who have undergone STEP24, a unique training program that ensures acquisition of basic knowledge and know-how for each model.

Technical Capabilities

Support for All Major Manufacturers in Japan

The JES Group provides maintenance and legal inspections for each domestic principal manufacturer, with parts replacement, repair, and adjustment offered as needed. Maintenance is performed by multi-specialists who have undergone a variety of training programs, including STEP24, which ensures acquisition of basic knowledge and know-how of each model, and on-the-job training from educational trainers at various location.

Public Awareness

The Only Independent Maintenance Company Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market

Since its founding, JES has built a trusting relationship with customers by ensuring safety and reliability through elevators and escalators, and became the first independent maintenance company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market. On September 10, 2018, the listing was upgraded to the First Section, and then on April 4, 2022, transferred to the Prime Market. This has resulted in a level of social awareness unrivaled by other independent maintenance companies.

Creating Value through
JES Innovation Center
JES Innovation Center Lab

These facilities will be used not only for in-house development of "next-generation control panels" compatible with various manufacturers, but also as training centers with actual equipment for the education of the engineers who will lead the JES Group tomorrow.
High quality service at a fair price. These test towers are filled with our passion for service.