The JES Group’s Main Business

As an independent elevator maintenance company, JES's strength lies in its support for elevators from all domestic principal manufacturers using high-level technical capabilities and genuine manufacturer parts, as well as the ability to offer high quality service at reasonable prices, resulting in a business model that meets the global standards needed to compete in the elevator maintenance marketplace in advanced nations.


Experienced professional technicians provide expert quality service.

Experts, in which some of them previously serviced for manufacturers combine extensive expertise and advanced technology for servicing various models of all domestic principal manufacturers. High quality and inspection and testing services are available. We can provide support with flawless technical capability and service quality at a level that is in no way inferior to manufacturer maintenance management.


Elevator Modernization to Respond to Customer Needs

Modernization services helps bring elevators to the newest service. Typically, elevators need to be replaced about 20 years after installation due to parts deteriorating with age or the manufacturer's parts supply stopping. JES does not manufacture new elevators, but its modernization service uses a unique process to meet all those various needs.