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What is LiftSPOT?

LiftSPOT is Digital Signage Incorporating Security Cameras

LiftSPOT is a digital signage system equipped with security cameras. In addition to enhancing security in elevators, it improves the safety and comfort of the elevator space by delivering a variety of contents.
LiftSPOT has a variety of patented technologies and is compatible with elevators regardless of manufacturer.



Security cameras that can capture faces from the front

The screen keeps passengers' attention so the internal camera can capture and record faces clearly from the front.



Informs passengers of useful information

The display can show useful basic information such as the time, weather, and inspection updates.



Lighten the atmosphere with video streaming

Digital signage can display a variety of content to add some extra value to daily rides.

Why is Digital Signage with Security Camera Function “LiftSPOT” Necessary?

Less than half of residential building elevators in operation have security cameras installed. Security camera installation is essential to ensure safety in elevators serving large populations. The LiftSPOT service seeks to reduce as much as possible the oppressive feelings that security cameras sometimes create and create an environment where installation is the norm. By enhancing security and using digital signage to deliver video advertisements and useful information to users, LiftSPOT can transform elevators into safer and more comfortable spaces.

No installation fee is charged.

LiftSPOT is available for a monthly fee only. There are no installation or removal fees. Installation can be done inside an existing elevator in about one hour.

  • * If repeated malfunctions due to damage is observed, we may remove the equipment.
  • * Operating environments must be "free from high temperatures and humidity" and "mobile data communication must be available " If these conditions are not met, installation may be impossible.
  • * Only for properties with an existing JES maintenance/modernization contract.


In addition to typical security camera functions, it also serves as digital signage to display information and advertisements.

Security camera functions

The screen keeps passengers' attention, so the internal camera can capture and record figures from the front. The security camera video is streamed in the upper left corner of the display, naturally raising passengers' security consciousness.

Notification function

LiftSPOT can display information that might once have been posted on bulletin boards, such as on upcoming elevator inspections.

Content display function

LiftSPOT can display useful daily information such as the date, time, and weather.

Video advertisement delivery

Just like a TV commercial, LiftSPOT can display video advertisements with sound (product and service information, movie announcements, entertainment information for program promotion, etc.) which can help lighten the confined atmosphere of elevators.