Japan Elevator Service Holdings Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies (collectively referred to as "the Company") shall disclose information about the Group in a fair, honest, and timely manner in order for all stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, customers, and local communities, to know the Company correctly and more deeply, and to evaluate the Company's corporate value fairly. In addition, we will use the opinions and comments we receive from our stakeholders through information disclosure within the company as a reference for corporate management.

Disclosure Policy

The Company shall comply with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and the Securities Listing Regulations stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
We will proactively disclose information that is not covered by the Securities Listing Regulations in a fair, honest and timely manner if we deem it to be effective in helping people understand the Company. Please note that we may not be able to respond to inquiries regarding specific information due to competitive advantages or confidentiality obligations.

Disclosure Method

Information that falls under the Securities Listing Regulations (material facts) will be disclosed through the Tokyo Stock Exchange's TDnet (Timely Disclosure network) and this material will be posted on this website promptly after a press release is issued.
The Company shall disclose non-material information to our stakeholders in a fair, honest, and straightforward manner by utilizing the Internet, various printed materials, and other means of information communication as appropriate.
The Company shall hold financial results briefings for analysts and investors, and makes the materials available to the mass media.

Thorough Internal Implementation of IR Policy

The Company is committed to ensuring that our IR policy is thoroughly implemented throughout the company.
All inquiries from individual investors, institutional investors, and securities analysts will be handled by the department in charge of IR. This is intended to protect the Company and its employees from legal liability under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other laws.

IR Quiet Period

The Company shall set up a quiet period immediately prior to the announcement of financial results to refrain from commenting on or answering questions about the results. The quiet period shall be four weeks retroactively from the date of the announcement of financial results for each fiscal year.
However, if during the quiet period there is a prospect of a significant divergence from the earnings forecast already announced, we will disclose information as appropriate.

Forward-looking Statements

In addition to the Company's earnings forecasts submitted to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Company shall provide its views on the market environment, future business plans, strategies, and other information in a variety of IR activities, including earnings briefings. Such information is based on the judgment of the Company according to the information available to it, and actual performance and results may differ significantly from the forecasts due to changes in various external and internal factors.

Spokesperson for IR Activities

In order to ensure the accuracy of information and fairness of disclosure, major IR activities conducted by the Company shall be carried out by the Chairman of the Board, the President, the Director in charge of IR, and the person in charge of IR as spokespersons. As a general rule, employees and executives other than spokespersons will not provide company information to securities market participants or the media on their own. The spokesperson may also delegate other employees or officers to act on his or her behalf, as necessary.

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