Our Strengths

Cultivating Real Experts Through Carefully Selected Training

Training for Multi-specialists Who Can Handle All Models from Major Manufacturers

Elevator maintenance requires specialized knowledge and skills. The JES Group's technical support provides advanced and intensive education and training that no other company can offer, based on the know-how and long years of experience of skilled technical personnel who are familiar with the models of each major manufacturer, in order to develop multi-specialists who can handle a variety of models. We have been studying maintenance skills that are comparable to those of manufacturers' maintenance companies.

Quickly Train New Recruits to Become Field-ready Technical Personnel
JES's Unique In-House Training Program

The JES Group's unique training program, "STEP24," is a curriculum of various classroom lectures and training on actual equipment to ensure that participants acquire an overview of elevators and escalators, specialized knowledge of electricity and drawings, and knowledge and know-how of various models. The content of the training program is constantly evolving, with skilled engineers as instructors, and by gathering and refining their expertise. In addition, we have established an environment in which both learners and instructors can grow through our unique and rigorous three-step qualification examinations and thorough on-the-job training.

Not Only Technical Skills, But Also Business Manners
We Train Them to Become Technical Personnel Who Can Be Trusted as Human Beings

In order to learn business manners, which are essential as a member of society before becoming an technical personnel, we invite outside lecturers to provide education and training on common sense and manners as a member of society. By acquiring common sense knowledge and specialized know-how, we nurture service experts who are not ashamed to go anywhere and who are trusted as human beings.

Detailed Training for New Recruits STEP24

A variety of programs are available, including business manner training and STEP24, which ensures the acquisition of basic knowledge and know-how of each manufacturer's products, and OJT training by trainers at each site. Combined with the acquisition of qualifications and appropriate labor management, this has led to a three-year retention rate of about 80% for newly graduated employees.

Continuing Internal Training

In technical support, we continuously provide various education and training programs according to the level of technical proficiency in order to train specialists who can handle various models from domestic major manufacturers. We strive to improve the skills of our employees through a detailed and wide-ranging curriculum that includes an understanding of the characteristics of each manufacturer's models, explanations related to statutory inspections and modernizations, and training on actual equipment.

The JES Group's Unique In-House Certification System

The JES Group has introduced its own evaluation qualification system for technical personnel (elevator and escalator maintenance qualified personnel system). There are three levels of qualification: (1) elevator and escalator safety qualifier, (2) elevator and escalator semi-maintenance qualifier, and (3) elevator and escalator maintenance qualifier. If an employee does not meet all of these requirements, the employee will not be able to take charge of the site alone or respond to emergencies at night or on holidays.

Training of Multi-Specialists Through Technical Support

The unique training program of JES Group, STEP24 has introduced an in-house qualification system to develop highly skilled technical personnel through training ranging from technical skills to business manners that can handle the structures of principal manufacturers.
We have adopted strict standards before any engineer can be put in sole charge of a site or to respond to nighttime or holiday emergencies. Candidates must clear every step and pass internal qualification exams. In addition, we have established an in-house qualification system, G1 and G2, which uses points to quantify engineers' accumulated knowledge and skills, and a Meister System to train specialists in major breakdown response, to continue honing advanced skills and safety management attitude.

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Professionals in Three Fields

Only those who have reached the top level of technical skill in the three fields of maintenance,inspection, and construction receive this highest level of in-house qualification. Successful candidates must apply high-level technical capabilities and also train newer employees to pass on those skills.

Going Beyond Qualified

For those who have achieved G3 or national qualification. This level is open to employees who surpass a fixed level of points during technical assessment. Points are assigned to each individual technical skill, and allow a quantified measure of acquired skills.

Certified Elevator and Escalator Maintenance Personnel

Everyone who complete the full STEP24 curriculum undergo a departmental and practical skills examination. Those who pass are permitted to carry out solo work as certified maintenance personnel.

Pre-Certified Elevator and Escalator Maintenance Personnel

After OJT-based practical training and practice, employees take a departmental examination on standard inspection work skills. Those who pass are certified for solo field work, but are restricted from some tasks, such as emergency response.

Certified Elevator and Escalator Safety Personnel

After acquiring practical experience through onsite training, employees take a departmental and practical examination on safety arrangements for themselves and third parties during work. Those who pass are certified to carry out some tasks on their own.