Our Philosophy

Safety above Anything Else
Our number one priority is safety
Around-the-clock monitoring, every day of the year
No Cutting Corners
Pursuing stable operation without cutting corners
Trust and Reliability
Building trust with customers based on our independent position
and strengths as an expert firm specialized in maintenance

The Origin of the Company Name and Logo

The Origin of the Company Name

The JES Group believes that the maintenance business is a service business. The name Japan Elevator Service was chosen with care precisely out of that belief. Past, present, and future, the goal is to be known as engineers who are trusted not only for their technical skills, but also for their common sense and business manners as productive members of society.

The Meaning of the Company Logo

JES logo is inspired by the image of an elevator car suspended from its rope. It is the red of Japan's rising sun flag with a view to future expansion overseas. The name is English rather than Japanese because we aspire to be the World's JES Group.