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Safe and Comfortable Through Improved Functionality

*Applicable options may differ depending on the customer contract.
We may be unable to meet customer requests depending on elevator specifications.

Safety Plus Options

Safer and more functional elevators for customer peace of mind

  • Unintended Car Movement Protection (UCMP)
  • Multi-Beam Door Sensors
  • Seismic Resistance Work
  • Auto Landing System during Power Failure
  • Earthquake Management Equipment
  • Flood Management Equipment
  • Fire Management Equipment
  • Emergency Displays in Four Languages

Design Options

Create a brighter, cleaner space with our design lineup

  • Cab & Elevator Hall Control Panels
  • Buttons
  • LED Lighting
  • Door Lamination Sheets for Car Interior and Hall Doors
  • Floor Tiles & Mats

Accessibility Options

Make elevators more people-friendly and easier for all to use with a variety of added care functions

  • Secondary Control Panel
  • Handrails
  • Cab Interior Mirrors
  • Door Gap Reductions

Safety Options

Enhanced security measures and options for "just in case" scenarios for safer, more secure elevators

  • Security Cameras
  • Security Functions
  • Emergency Storage Box
  • Emergency Displays in Four Languages


The LiftSPOT service enhances security and by deliverying video advertisements and useful information to users through digital signage, LiftSPOT can transform elevators into safer and more comfortable spaces.

Click Here for LiftSPOT

Escalator Options

For safer, more comfortable escalators that are people- and environmentally friendly.

  • Belt Cleaning
  • Step Cleaning
  • LED Lighting