Basic Sustainability Policy

Based on our corporate philosophy of "safety above anything else," "no cutting corners even when others don't see it" and "building on trust," the JES Group has have identified two material issues, (1)"Quality and Safety" and (2) "Occupational Safety and Employee Engagement," that we must give priority to while leveraging our strengths through our business activities, and we will work to realize a sustainable society, aiming to be a company that is trusted and sought after by our stakeholders.
We will fulfill the resolution of social issues through our corporate and business activities, and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs goals related to each materiality.


(i) Quality and safety

We consider "maintaining quality" and "providing security" as our major social responsibility, and aim to contribute to society by providing high quality and safe services that satisfy our customers.

(ii) Occupational safety and employee engagement

We believe that the most important foundation supporting our business is our human resources, and by ensuring the safety of our employees and by creating an environment in which each and every employee can perform his or her duties with ease and satisfaction, we will lead to the sustainable development of the JES Group.

Sustainability Management Structure

Recently, interest in sustainability as a factor leading to sustainable corporate growth and enhancement of corporate value over the medium to long term has been growing, and companies are increasingly being asked to proactively address issues related to sustainability and disclose such information.
Against this backdrop, the Sustainability Committee was established to promote sustainability initiatives linked to the management plan by resolving materiality issues related to sustainability and identifying opportunities and risks. The Committee was chaired by the Director Deputy President and Executive Officer, CFO, and its members consisted of those deemed appropriate in light of the Committee's purpose and based on their duties. We will check for consistency with management and operations, as well as manage and oversee measures in conjunction with environmental, social, governance, and other sustainability issues.
The committee mainly deliberates on the formulation of the JES Group's sustainability strategies and plans, identification and assessment of risks, consideration of countermeasures and management of progress, setting of indicators to be used as targets, etc., as well as monitoring the status of initiatives and making reports and proposals to the Board of Directors.

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