The JES Group’s Main Business

As an independent maintenance company, we have established a global standard business model in the elevator maintenance market in developed countries by providing high quality services at reasonable prices, taking advantage of our advanced technical capabilities to handle all major Japanese manufacturers' models and our ability to procure genuine parts.


Experienced Professional Technicians Provide Expert Quality Service.

Each manufacturers' elevator differ in error analysis, adjustment standards, and parts replacement cycles, etc. The strength of the JES Group is its ability to perform maintenance from diverse angles based on its experience with a wide range of models. Each office personnel works responsibly not by manufacturer but by area, delivering safety and security to our customers.


Elevator Modernization to Respond to Customer Needs

Modernization refers to a partial renewal of elevators. Generally, after 20 years of service, elevators require modernization work due to the deterioration of parts over time or the suspension of parts supply by the manufacturer. Although JES does not produce new elevators, we are able to meet many of these needs in modernization work by combining in-house developed parts.