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Producing 20 years of experience in, a tangible form.

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There is no "I waited" in disasters.
That's why we need modernization.

Why do many owners face worry at each annual regular inspection? Since the earthquake in 2011, as seismic guidelines and standards including the revised building law have been raised, there is a growing list of non-conforming sites. However, the cost and construction time needed to conform with the new regulations is a challenge. JES Group makes flexible modernization proposals matched to such owners' worries to solve them. First of all, please give us your thoughts.

Thanks to our 25 years of industry experience, we can provide “craftsmanship” to respond to customer needs.

In almost all cases, elevator modernization has a uniform package and pricing. However, in some cases, only partial modernization is needed. JES's strong point is our ability to provide such flexible modernization plan proposals, depending on the customer's current state, needs, and costs. Our proposals are results of our 20 years' experience of looking after all domestic principal manufacturers models.

From resolving non-conforming existing elevators to improvements and maintenance at a reasonable price.

Naturally we can support modernization construction based on the current regulations such as the 09 seismic code and 14 seismic code. In addition, we provide quality that is in no way inferior to all domestic principal manufactures from development of control panels, the heart of the elevator, design, advanced technology and equipment performance improvement. In addition, it is because we can propose best practices from a total point of view including maintenance after modernization that we can perform modernization at a reasonable price.


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