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The challenges accepted by technicians to become comprehensive servicing experts.

Our unique training and study programs that transcend mere determination.
In other words, this is where our expert manpower with which other companies cannot compete is nurtured.

Toward multi-specialists who can respond to all models of all domestic principal manufacturers.

Elevator maintenance requires specialized knowledge and skills. At JES Group's technical support center, in order to develop multi-specialist who can handle various models, we implement in depth education and training at a level unlike any other company based on our about 25 years' experience and the know-how of our highly skilled technicians in each model of all domestic principal manufacturers. We study maintenance skills that are in no way inferior to manufacturer maintenance companies.

Toward turning new employees into site-ready engineers as quickly as possible. Original 24 step training.

JES Group's unique training program (Step 24) ensures solid learning of knowledge and know-how for a variety of models in 24 stages. By using skilled technicians as instructors and assembling and studying their know-how, the training evolves every day. We also carry out thorough on-site education, centered around OJT, starting with our proprietary strict qualification exams. In this way we build an environment where both the students and the teachers grow together.

Business etiquette as well as technical skills.
Toward technician trusted as people.

Before being technicians, our staff are members of society, and we teach essential business etiquette by inviting external lecturers to provide education and training on common sense, manners and behavior as members of society. By learning common sense knowledge combined with specialized know-how, we develop service experts that can be trusted and will behave correctly wherever they go.

In-Depth Training for New Employees
“Step 24”

JES Group has a wide range of training programs, including “Training for Business Manners,” “Step 24” training for gaining expertise and know-how regarding the products of different elevator manufacturers. These programs provide on-the-job training by trainer personnel at each location. Along with appropriate labor management, JES offers training for obtaining official qualifications and the fact that the percentage of new employees still on the job after working three years is more than 80% is evidence to the effectiveness of JES training programs.

Continuing Internal Training

The JES Technical Support Center trains specialists who can work on the elevators of all domestic principal manufacturers by providing education and training on a continuing basis for personnel at various levels of technical capabilities. These courses increase the understanding among personnel of the different kinds of elevators of various manufacturers, provide explanations of legal inspections and modernization work, and offer detailed and wide-ranging content aimed at raising the technical level of personnel.

Original Internal Certification System In addition to various types of education and training, JES has introduced its own qualification system for engineers (the Elevator Maintenance Personnel Qualification System).

Qualification training is divided into three levels: (1) Qualified Elevator Safety Inspection Personnel (assistant level), (2) Personnel Qualified as Assistant Elevator Maintenance Personnel (second level qualifications), and (3) Personnel Qualified as Elevator Maintenance Personnel (highest and broadest qualification). Under this system, only employees who have cleared training at all three levels are allowed to be solely in charge at a worksite and be selected for emergency work after regular hours and on holidays.


Introduction to JES Group
Personnel Education with the use of videos.

Personnel Education

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