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We maintain an optimal stock of main parts based on reliable data.

Efficient use of indispensable parts.
Our high-level response and low-cost operations begin from here.

Well prepared for rapid response.
We will carry out rapid recovery in the case of failures.

At JES Group, in order to rapidly provide maintenance for all domestic principal manufacturers' various models, in addition to establishing 8 parts centers nationwide, we have set up about 80 offices across Japan. Parts engineers are on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year regardless of holidays or nighttime. We have set up a system to deliver parts quickly even in the case of emergency problems such as faults or stoppages, and have established an environment that can provide rapid response.

Extensive stock of original spare parts.
We have everything that is needed.

At our parts centers we stock required parts efficiently, based on our data on rates of wear and tear and failure in order to provide a stable supply of parts. Exchange of major parts is all compatible with original parts, and we implement repairs and adjustments putting the highest priority on safety and security. We protect your equipment with our extensive parts stock based on our knowledge.

Recycled parts allow us to provide smooth support
even for models which parts are no longer available.

We emphasize on maintaining recycled parts (repair parts) so that we can support sites with parts that are no longer available from each manufacturer, and we always manage them in the best condition. We also supply our extensive stock parts to external companies. As a company that supports infrastructure we contribute to ensuring a safe and secure environment as one industry together.

Japan Elevator Parts Co., Ltd.

Optimal part management in a precise stock environment.

Japan Elevator Parts (JEP), JES Group's parts supply unit, in addition to carrying out precise maintenance on each part, we store them in a dedicated stock yard with optimally controlled temperature and humidity.
We always keep parts quality.
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