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Our talking point is about 54,900 elevators we have serviced.

Specializing in Maintenance
It is because of this that we can hold our heads high for providing expert levels of quality.

Experienced professional technicians provide expert quality service.

Experts, in which some of them previously serviced for manufacturers combine extensive expertise and advanced technology for servicing various models of all domestic principal manufacturers. High quality and inspection and testing services are available. We can provide support with flawless technical capability and service quality at a level that is in no way inferior to manufacturer maintenance management.

We have established a more extensive branch network than the manufacturers. We provide rapid recovery in the event of a disaster.

We have a service network of about 80 offices with about 800 technicians with a more extensive service network in the Tokyo area than the manufacturers. Additionally, we make use of everything that JES Maintenance has built, such as a rich stock of parts for all domestic principal manufacturers, our proprietary remote monitoring and detection system and our 24 hour control center to provide both daily maintenance and rapid recovery in the case of problems.

High-quality maintenance services at rational, reasonable prices

When JES was established, it was common for manufacturers of elevators and related equipment to provide maintenance services themselves or through their affiliated maintenance subsidiaries. It was difficult to compete for this business in terms of prices and services. The JES Group thoroughly reviewed price setting in this industry and set its prices based on work stages and services that were really needed. Thereby, JES created a cheaper price schedule and began to deliver maintenance services that met with customer satisfaction.


Introduction to JES Group
Maintenance Services with the use of videos.


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