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Fully prepared to provide protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The safety and security of passengers is more important than anything.
The integration of leading-edge technology and finely-tuned services.

Our next-generation control center watches over safety at all times, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In addition to centrally controlling information about day to day maintenance, in order to be able to rapidly respond to any type of event, such as large disasters, our control center is always evolving. In addition to direct communication with customers inside the elevator, we have developed a new emergency contact system that enables us to make contact with our staff via the Internet by reading a two-dimensional bar code, even if the phone line is not available. Pursuing further relief.

We deploy our service engineers optimally using the GPS network.

In order to rapidly rescue customers trapped in elevators and recover the service, our control center manages the current position of engineers using GPS devices in real time. In addition to the position, the system knows each engineer's experience and means of transportation to enable the optimum engineer to be sent urgently to the site. Also in the case of a major disaster, we set up a response headquarters and start the emergency system based on the JES disaster manual. This become the command center for the recovery of our managed portfolio, and controls each branch, office and sales office.

[Control Center]

A new technology- Remote monitoring system

Remote Diagnosis and Error Code Monitoring

GPS network

Manage the position of engineers using GPS devices in real time, and transport the optimum engineer to the site.

Telephone Line Network

Direct Calls with the Control Center

"PRIME" - a new technology to remote monitoring of elevator condition.

JES group pioneered the introduction of the remote monitoring and diagnostic service “PRIME” that can the remotely oversee the operation status and condition of elevators. Using this service that was developed with multiple patented technologies, signs of failure can be sensed as quickly as possible, enabling response before a failure occurs and reducing stoppage time at inspections. In addition, since the cause of failure can be discerned in advance, rapid recovery becomes possible.

[PRIME System]


Introduction to JES Group
Control Center with the use of videos.

Control Center

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