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Generating the highest levels of safety in all aspects of our work to provide top-quality service…

JES Group Business Activities

Everything we do is to bring the highest level of safety to the community... JES Group sets its core competence and builds the content of its business on the five viewpoints of Technology, Parts Support, Human Ability, Advanced Service and Product Development Capability. Everything we do is to deliver service with the highest level of quality... By firmly linking the 5 business contents on which JES Group builds its business, creating a virtuous cycle, we are able to clearly differentiate our competitiveness and provide high quality service.



Maintenance technology of manufacturer quality.

Main business contents of JES Group, a company with numerous branch offices and technical staffs and a proud track record of about 25 years' management experience. High quality service at reasonable price.


Product development capability developed over about 25 years of experience.

An original modernization business based on our rich about 25 years' experience has been established. We also develop safe, secure, high-quality equipment with the same standard as manufacturer goods.

Competitive advantages

Parts Center

Rich stock of original spare parts of all domestic principal manufacturers.

Based on about 25 years of accumulated data, we efficiently stock high-need parts. We keep an extensive stock of genuine parts from all domestic principal manufacturers, enabling us to support a wide range of models, even those with parts that are no longer supplied.

 Parts Center

Personnel Education

Not only technical ability but human ability. Quality to support infrastructure.

In addition to being a specialist that can support a wide variety of all domestic principal manufacturer elevators and escalators, we nurture technical staff that you can trust as a person.

 Personnel Education

Control Center

24 hours a day, 365 days a year support with advanced technology.

With services that make full use of advanced technologies, such as remote monitoring systems and GPS technology staff dispatch systems, we naturally provide 24 hours a day 365 days a year peace of mind, even in the case of disasters.

 Control Center